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My Body Week

Science Class

In science class the students will be studying body parts and what they look like. They will have an activity of matching similar body parts and pasting cut outs to a human body. In order to finding the body parts we will be going on a scavenger hunt around the room to see if we can spot a body part.

Language Arts Class: Letter of the week B

The students will be identifying and practicing the letter B. We will be finding examples of words that start with the letter B and what the sound of B sounds like. We will be gluing beans to make the letter B on a place mat.

A copy of the Homework due on Friday

Math Class

During math class the students will learn to identify numbers.

  • Each child will use their body to jump the quantity of each number, for example when given the number 4 the student will jump four times.
  • Your child will learn the difference between a letter and a number.
  • We will be counting from 0-9.

The Body Song

Learn Parts of the Body - Body Song

Children's Museum Field Trip

Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 9:45am

1500 Binz Street

Houston, TX

Reminder field trip will be on Wednesday November 13th. Please remember to pack a lunch for your child. You do not need to send their backpack to school just their lunch. We will be leaving at 9:30 am and coming back at 1:30 pm. Snacks and water will be provided throughout the field trip.

Care ISD

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to our field trip or any activity this week, do not hesitate to call or email me. Thank you for being a part of Care ISD.