Be OPRAH For A Day!

What the h*ll are we on about? Read below

We want you to be 'like Oprah' and interview your business hero

You know what we have done for you right?

We have given you the bestest and awesomest excuse to contact your business hero and chat to them about how they made it in business! Awesome right?

PS - and no - this is not just for the ladies - blokes also can take part in the challenge!

What do you need to take part in this challenge?

So how does this whole thing work?


1. You register here to take part in the 'Be Oprah for a Day' challenge. Registration ends on 20th December 2012

2. The challenge kicks off on 1st January 2013 and goes until March 1st 2013

3. During 1st January 2013 and 30th March 2013 - you have to

  • identify your business hero AND
  • contact them AND
  • arrange to interview them - either live or via webcam.

    We suggest contacting them via LinkedIn and/or being creative enough to find their contact address!

4. Please inform your business hero that the interview will be recorded and viewable in public

5. Then make sure you RECORD the interview!

6. You submit the recorded interview to us on or before 15th April 2013 using Youtube (just make sure your video is unlisted)

7. We will take care of editing the videos - so don't worry about that!

8. We choose the best 5 interviews and show them off on the site - and give you heaps of kudos, praise and all that other good stuff!

9. You walk away a LEGEND and with a PRICELESS addition to your business network