Tech Update

GAPS Technology | February 2, 2021

Zoom Update

Breakout Rooms - Host can admit participants from Waiting Room within a Breakout Room:

A new meeting feature, the Host is notified of participants in the Waiting Room, even while currently in a Breakout Room. The Host can admit these participants either one at a time or all at once. Participants will be asked to join pre-assigned Breakout Rooms if pre-assigned are active; otherwise, the Host can assign participants directly to the Breakout Room of their choosing.


ALL STAFF: Network passwords expire one year from the last password change, which means many staff members may be prompted to change their password when they return to district buldings. Passwords must be at least 15 characters, and pass phrases are encouraged. This won't be required until you log in to a device at a GAPS building. Remember that your network password will then sync with your district Google account, so that password will automatically change, as well. If you need assistance, please reach out to your office manager.

Canvas Support - Phone, Chat, Video

The Help button at the lower left of your Canvas screen connects you directly to Canvas support:

Network and Service Status Links

Having problems connecting and not sure if it's you or the program (Zoom, Canvas, etc.)? Click here to see current network and program status. These will be updated as soon as an issue has been identified.

Who to ask:

Zoom questions: Cindy Drouhard <>

Canvas questions: building Canvas site admin / teacher leader

Pinnacle questions: Jon Dilbone <>

Clever / Seesaw: Dan Rothwell <>

Savvas Realize / NGConnect: Brian Baker <>

Computer hardware / network issues: GAPS IT <>

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