2020 - 2021 Library Annual Report

Bruce-Guadalupe Community School

June 4, 2021

Prepared by Rachel Klug

Bruce-Guadalupe Library Media Specialist & School Website Administrator

Library Website

Library Staff

Rachel Klug - Campus Library Media Specialist / School Website Administrator

Safia Ortega - Kindergarten & 1st Grade Library Teacher

Jessica Munoz - Library Assistant

Best Wishes To Mrs. Martinez and Welcome Mrs. Ortega!

Mrs. Martinez, who was our Kindergarten - 1st grade librarian, took the new position of Instructional Technology and Innovation Specialist last summer. Mrs. Martinez instilled the love of reading in our youngest students.

Mrs. Ortega, who was the Computer Teacher and Guidance Support, became the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Library Teacher in August. During this year of COVID, Mrs. Ortega virtually taught Kindergarten - 1st Grade Library, Primary Art, and Guidance Support.

Mrs. Ortega is creative, upbeat, and tech savvy!

Mrs. Ortega's Reading Room

The Year of COVID

A year like no other! In compliance with the City of Milwaukee Health Department COVID regulations, both the elementary and middle school libraries were turned into classrooms. During this school year, we had a hybrid model of in-person and virtual classes. The elementary library was split into two classrooms, one 2nd grade and one 5th grade. The middle school library was part of the 6th grade "bubble" and became a 6th grade classroom full-time in the Spring of 2021. Our library assistant, Mrs. Munoz was an elementary assistant for all grades.

Due to these changes, the library program was virtual. All the K4 - 5th grade library classes were prerecorded on a weekly basis and posted on Google Classroom. Mrs. Ortega taught K4 - 1st grade library and Ms. Klug taught 2nd - 8th grade library. All the middle school library classes were virtual live Meets on a three week rotation, with one grade level per week. Ms. Klug was also a substitute teacher for teachers in quarantine and a daily coverage teacher.

Mission Statement

The library media program at Bruce Guadalupe is based on the concept of free access to information that reflects the cultural diversity and the pluralistic nature of a global society. This free access is available to all students and staff.

In support of this concept, the program seeks to foster inquiry and learning by enhancing the instructional program through information literacy.

The ability to locate, evaluate, and apply information is necessary in order to be a productive citizen in our complex society. The library media center is the gateway to the array of information resources available.

The library media program is committed to the responsibility for ensuring that all students will become discerning information consumers and thereby perpetuate the goal of lifelong learning for every student.


Students are motivated and independent learners.

  • Students successfully employ information literacy, technology, and critical thinking skills in subject-area learning experiences.
  • Students are engaged in independent reading and inquiry-based learning.

The library is a powerful intellectual and social space where students and teachers gather ideas, exchange points of view, and learn together.

  • Students and teachers have access to a certified school library media specialist.
  • Students have equitable access to the library and its resources.
  • The library provides access to high-quality resources in a variety of formats that support curricular and instructional goals and respond to diverse student needs and interests.
  • The library facility is welcoming, with a climate conducive to individual and shared learning.
  • Current technology is available and operable to support multiple learning experiences in the library and remote access to library resources.

The library program supports a culture of literacy throughout the school.

  • Teachers integrate resources and information-literacy skills into every classroom.
  • Teachers collaborate with the librarian and other teachers to optimize instruction and curriculum design.

The library fosters a professional learning community.

  • Teachers, principals, and librarians engage in ongoing professional development.
  • The librarian facilitates professional dialogue and networking among teachers, principals, and other librarians to support continuous improvement of practice.

The Numbers

Elementary Library: K4 - 5th Grade

In compliance with the City of Milwaukee Health Department COVID regulations, physical book student checkout was prohibited during the school year.

The Collection

  • 21,111 Titles
  • 749 eBooks
  • 399 New Titles This Year

Patron Usage

  • 1132 Patrons
  • All K4 - 5th grade library classes were weekly pre-recorded lessons, booktalks, and read-alongs.
  • 582 Staff Holds
  • 1022 eBook Check-Outs
  • Digital Subscription Usage (Campus Wide)
  1. BrainPop / BrainPop Jr. - 8032
  2. BookFlix - 2888 Sessions
  3. PebbleGo / PebbleGo Next - 9024 Articles Viewed
  4. TrueFlix - 1010 Sessions

Middle School Library: 6th - 8th Grade

In compliance with the City of Milwaukee Health Department COVID regulations, physical book student checkout was prohibited during the school year.

Includes Acosta Middle School Patrons

The Collection

  • 16,373 Titles
  • 633 eBooks
  • 312 New Titles This Year

Patron Usage

  • 688 Patrons
  • 3 Week Live Meet Library Class Rotation - 1 grade per week
  • 14 Staff Holds
  • 7091 eBook Check-Outs
  • Digital Subscription Usage (Campus Wide)
  1. BrainPop/BrainPop Jr. - 8032
  2. FreedomFlix - 2918 Sessions
  3. ScienceFlix - 975 Sessions
  4. TrueFlix - 1010 Sessions

Program Highlights

Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away by Meg Medina

Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away by Meg Medina is a celebration of lasting friendship, the power of connection, and encountering change.

2020 Online Fall Book Fair

Time Machine Student Online Book Fair Video
Time Machine Online Book Fair

Wisconsin Golden Archer Awards

2020 - 2021 Wisconsin Golden Archer Award Nominees

2021 Online Spring Book Fair

Bookaneer Student Video Spring Book Fair

Elementary Virtual Library Program

Mrs. Ortega's K4 - 1st Grade Virtual Library Program

Ms. Klug 2nd - 5th Grade Virtual Library Program

Middle School Live Virtual Library Program

Second Semester: Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Education Curriculum

6 Core Topics

  1. Media Balance & Well-Being
  2. Privacy & Security
  3. Digital Footprint & Identity
  4. Relationships & Communication
  5. Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech
  6. News & Media Literacy

First Semester: Accessing Books During COVID

Thank you!

Thank you to all the teachers, staff, students and parents for supporting the library program this year.

Thank you to Mr. Navarro, Ms. Silva and Mr. Joch for their support of the library program during this school year.