The Battles Of Texas Revolution


Battle of Gonzales 1835 October 2

This battle resulted in the first battles of the Texas Revolution. Where only one Mexican soldier killed. A victory for the Texans

Battle of Goliad 1835 October 10

Texans captured Presidio La Bahia.Mexican ended at a range from one to three soldiers killed and from three to seven wounded. Victory for the Texans

Battle of Lipantitlán 1835 November 4–5

Texans destroyed Fort Lipantitlán. Most of the Mexican soldiers retreated and 14–17 Mexican soldiers were wounded. victory Texans

Battle of Concepción 1835 October 28

The last offensive ordered by General Martin Perfecto de Cos during the Texas Revolution, Richard Andrews became the first Texan soldier to die in battle. Victory Texans

Grass Fight 1835 November 26

Texans attack a large Mexican army pack train. They capture of horses and hay.Victory Texans

Siege of Bexar 1835 October 12

A six-week siege where Texans attacked Bexar and fought from house to house for five days. 150 Mexicans killed. Victory Texans