Mindless Behavior

Mindless behavior is a famous boy band group

Who is Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior is a boy band group that make R&B music

Ray Ray

Ray Ray is one of the member that has the 2 Braids.He has been there when the group got started. He is the pranker and the joker and the one that has dopeist style.Ray ray is his stage name his real name his Ryan Lopaz


Princeton is one of the members he is the one with the afro and the Rock and Roll one.Princeton was there when is all started. Princeton is the crazy one, what his members call him. Princeton is his stage his real name is Jacob Prez

Roc Royal

one of the member hes the SPIFFY(style)one hes the one that played football when he was yonger.he like to chill thats it.Roc royal is his stage name Chresanto August


Now prodigy is he most quitest person I know and he is the lead singer and he chills alot.


Ej is the new member you mint know him form kiz bop. He got in the gourp in 2014. sorry I couldent get any pics