Webtransfer Ukraine


Webtransfer Ukraine


Social credit network "Webtransfer" - is a new and very profitable project, which is not possible, and you want to join. Where you can earn good money, even from scratch. You can also issue a loan or obtain a loan in the form of micro-credit for any needs.

The project is ideal especially for people dealing with info-business, MLM business, Web marketers, bloggers as well as for all those who communicate in social networks and has its audience.

Especially nice that everyone can become a partner and to provide career growth.

I recommend everyone to carefully review the presentation and read the section of the site "projects" and "FAQ".

Do not miss your chance.

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Webtransfer Ukraine

About company.
The company "VEBTRANSFER" part of an international group
Webtransfer (Vebtransfer), which includes financial companies from England, the United States, and a representative office in China; on the payment market, the company is represented by more than 8 years. It was a successful European experience in many ways is the engine for new services in Ukraine.
Home Company Group VEBTRANSFER - Webtransfer World Wide (WWW) Group, headquarters is located in the state of Florida. The company specializes in - work in the financial markets, lending and electronic payments.
In August, 2012 in the state of Florida (USA), the company was founded Unified Webtransfer LLC, which participants were American company STAR EQUITIES LLC and Webtransfer World Wide Group Limited for the purpose of joint activity in the market of Ukraine and CIS in p2p microfinance.
The development of the affiliate program.
Company Webtransfer enables earn affiliate program. You can involve the social partners in the credit network using your referral link. The best development for any project of the Internet - a large number of participants. And if you bring a new member into the project, you will receive a monetary reward.
How to quickly develop your affiliate network?
For this we consider the development plan of its partner network for 30 days with the help of social networking, phone and meetings.
1. Active advertising in social networks facebook and others.
When you place your ad with a "referral link" in the respective groups facebook and other social services. networks, three times a day when we will have the worst
2 by human per day. For 30 days we have 60 people.
A lot of it is important to create the group and website.
2. Calls to relatives, friends, colleagues ...
On average, a person in the phone contacts 100. Divide by 30 100 day 3 and obtain human. Take the phone and call 3 people per day. At the very minimum version, as stated in the statistics, 1 in 10 will become your partner. We have 10 more people.
3. Meeting with people.
Appointments to those who refused or did not understand you when you talk on the phone.
Take the statistics, it turns out that of the 90 people you meet with 20, as some of you will see, and so (on the robot, on vacation ...) Of the 20 work will want 4.
We have four more human.
The results for the 30 days will be: 74 people.
If you are actively work at least 20, then your result is already great!
Your income from each will be 50% + 15% of those who will call them!
And this is the result for 1 month! Work on and multiply your earnings!
With affiliate programs Webtransfer, invited you
one gets the credit bonus of $ 50, which he can use for the issuance of the guaranteed loan.
Also in the company WEBTRANSFER regularly spend a lot of shares for bonuses, with which you can develop without investing its own funds.
Investment in the project.
The calculation of earnings to $ 50:
50-> 30 days -> 1.5% = 63.50
Arbitration 150 -> 30 days -> 0.5% = 172.50
150 -> 30 days -> 1.5% = 190.50
190,50-172,50 = 18
63.50 81.50 + 18 =
Total purse 81.50 dollars
net profit for the 30 days 31.50 dollars.
The calculation of earnings to $ 100:
100-> 30 days -> 1.5% = 127
Arbitration 300 -> 30 days -> 0.5% = 345
300 -> 30 days -> 1.5% = 381
381-345 = 36
127 + 36 = 163
Total dollar in your wallet 163,
net profit for the 30 days $ 63.
The calculation of earnings to $ 200:
200-> 30 days -> 1.5% = 254
Arbitration 600 -> 30 days -> 0.5% = 690
600 -> 30 days -> 1.5% = 762
762-690 = 72
254 + 72 = 326
Total purse of $ 326,
net profit for the 30 days $ 126.
The results.
To sum promising end of the month with the company WEBTRANSFER-FINANCE.
1. C affiliate program: For 30 days we will invite 74 people to the project. Of these, about 20 will work as you are. 5 people become investors. Your income for the month will be $ 200 - $ 300
2. Income from your investment: C $ 50 per 30 days of receiving 31.50 dollars. Co $ 100 for 30 days of receiving $ 63. C $ 200 for 30 days of receiving $ 126.
Sum of investment, as the number of people invited is not limited and depends only on your ability and willingness.
Become an Affiliate: http://bit.ly/Il333

Webtransfer Ukraine

It may just change your life forever.
Perhaps the only one of its kind and can make you a millionaire.
This program is unlike any other on the planet.
Affiliates create wealth for you and at the same time, creating a passive residual income that will last a lifetime. The program is unique.
As Webtransfer partner you have all the necessary support to achieve success, how to start a business and how many benefits you will get from registration.


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