Born 2 B Wild

Dangerous for humans

We all know why it can be dangerous for humans to keep wild animals as pet. We can get our face ripped off. Like in this town called Allen town Pennsylvania, Toad Ryburn and his wife had raised a bear since it was a cub. His name was teddy. Teddy was a 350 lbs brown bear. One day when Toads wife Kelly was going to clean Teddy's cage Something happened. The 350 brown bear attacked 37 year old Kelly Ryburn. The neighbor saw this tragic thing happen. The neighbor shot this bear with his gun and ended it. But not before 37 year old Kelly Ryburn was dead. Now you know what can happen if we keep wild animals. Here is another story in 2009 unknown location. Jarred and her boyfriend Charles Darnell are sitting the their home they noticed that their 2 year old baby hasn't made a noise in quite a while so Charels goes to check on them

Why we shouldn't have wild animals as pets

Here is why

Now here is why we shouldn't take these animals out of their natural homes. Professional studies of the humane society shows that to keep a animal calm a get used to it's new home It need the right food. Or food that your pet reacts nicely to It needs space to run and it also needs a lot of attention.t. Now if you live where you only have a tiny yard I don't think it is the best place to keep a lion.You also need a back up plan. This is where you might be away from home for a long time you will need like a babysitter for your pet Or if you work a lot you may not give them as much attention as these wild animals need and thats when this animal snaps and goes haywire. And also Wild animals have to eat like wild animals. Now if you have a job working and a grocery store I don't think you will be able to afford to get all of the supplies and constantly get real good food of your animal. And did you know that people kill more animals that they kill us. And I don't know why you would kill these animals