Shang Dynasty

George Hotelling- Anthropologist

The peolple of the Shang Dynasty believed in many things like the way they buried people. Important people were buried in great tombs with riches and things that were thought to be of use in the after life. The people that wernt as important were buried in a tomb big or small depending an there status but the people that wernt important at all were sometimes just thrown down a well when they died.

The god that the shang dynasty worshiped was the "lord on high" other wise none as Shang Ti. they thought that Shang Ti was the canection between the real world and the heavens. The Shang also had priest. The anciebnt priesty oftenly used cow bones and turtle shells to see the future. They would punch holes in the bones and look at the cracks in the bones. these bones also served as a way for the priest to record history of the shangs timeline of there kings.

Justin Hoben-Geographer

The Shang Dynasty is around the center of northern China. It’s south of the Gobi desert, west of the yellow sea, and north of theChang Jiang (Yangzi) river. They were gographicly lucky because they made instroments out of clay,bambo, and stones. They also were making houses of wood, thatch, and wattle. In addition they had acsess to paint dye and other materials.

During there time they were great at making bronze acsesories. Later they made cerimonial odjects out of jade. They put jade on there weapons to for there wars. In 7000 B.C. they started farming millet and wheat. They grew it near the Haung He river. They also left ainchent artifacts like pottery.

Jason Ronan Glover- Archaeologist

The Chinese system of writing started to form in the Shang Dynasty. Sadly no literature has survived from the many years. Then that probable leaves you to wonder how we know they have devoped writing, well we have found that most of the inscriptions that have survived were ceremonial inscriptions that have been carved onto bones tortoise shells. We have also found some records of there history. The oldest of the Chinese bronze works said to date back to the Xia Dynasty but we don’t know if the Xia dynasty actually existed but there are many signs that it might have actually existed. We know that the Chinese bronze works started about 2000 B.C. which are much later than Europe, The Middle East, and the Southeast Asia where it began to devolve around the 3000 B.C. to 3600 B.C. According to the Chinese mythology the Yellow Emperor cast nine bronze tripods to symbolize the nine providences of the empire.

I like this myth because if you think about it the tripods could represent a symbol of power which is similar to the U.S.A.’s government. The Chinese system of writing is the oldest system of writing that is still in use today. The dynasty was ruled by an important family that appointed local governors to make most of the laws and order.

Sophia Leigh Godfrey -Historian

Chinese people believe that the Shang Dynasty started about 4,700 years ago. The Shang Dynasty originated by the Yangzi river, the Shang people used this river for crops and transportation.


3000 B.C. - Shang Dynasty begins

2700 B.C. - King Tang of Shang is ruler

2690 B.C. - Empress discovers silk

1766 B.C.- Foundation of Shang Dynasty by emperor Tang

1400 B.C. - Peak of Shang dynasty

1022 B.C. - Battle of Muye, King Zhou dies and his palace is burnt to cinders and ashes, end of Shang Dynasty.

Da Yi, Tang the Great, or The Yellow Emperor was a great leader that started the Shang Dynasty. His wife discovered the silk worm and saw that it ate Mulberry leaves and she had them planted in the Emperor's garden.