about me!

about the life of me

when I was 10 years old

 when I was 10 years old I went to grand station and played lots of games.I played glow in the dark mini golf, and it was really fun.I was in 4th grade.our teacher wasMrs.Lyon.sometimes when I would play games with Emily and Ammie. Blake Driver would pick on me and be mean to us.But we would go play on the swings.

Me now as 11 years old

Now i'm 11 years old, and I'm in 5th grade.I have 2 nice teachers.I do really hard stuff in school.when I go home I like to do backbends and flip on the couch.well,one time I did a flip I brokethe window, but I won't do that again.I do flips in the other chair, and I play with my kitten.sometimes I get to go over to Alex's house, and play on the fourwheeler, we sometimes go through the trees and past a pond or something like that.Alex would come to my house sometimes also.My grandpa might teach me how to drive a car someday, or right now.I also might get to sing on Americas got Talent cause I have a  really beautiful voice.I might sing Luke Bryan,Drunk On You.I know all the words to it.I love myself.