Madelaine Austin

peer leader

i am...




why am i a good leader?

~ I am intrinsically motivated. I want to learn because it enriches me as a person and if you don't want to learn, then things will go right over your head. As a leader, I can help to show my peers that self-motivation will lead to enrichment in their own lives.

~ I enjoy helping others and watching them succeed. I want all my friends to be the best they can be and it excites me to be a part of that success.

~ I respect authority and rules but am an independent thinker. I know the right thing to do and I reflect that through my actions, but I also know how to think for myself and create new ideas. Rules are meant to keep peace, not to hold you back from your potential.

what's in it for me?

~ The role of peer leader is a very honorable position, and it looks good to colleges and perhaps even employers, so this opportunity can be very beneficial for my future.

~ It will also give me a chance to connect with people and build friendships.

~ Lastly, as I said before I love to see people succeed and this will give me the greatest chance to help that happen.

more about me

~ I have a huge family. My DAD has 12 kids! ... more the merrier right?

~ I'm easily enertained

~ and I'm killer at croquet

what inspires me

Success is no accident.

It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice,

and most of all, love of what your doing.


This reminds me that I can't sit and wait for things, I need to take action and push through. It reminds me that i can't cruise through life; there will be bumps but I won't give up and I won't ever settle for less than I'm worth.

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You
This is kind of a silly video but it has the best points. It inspires you to get up and be ''awesome''. You can't be great unless you do something great. That is what really makes me want to succeed.

who inspires me?

My mama and my grandma are the most amazing people.

~My mama home schooled herself, she had 5 kids that, after her divorce, she raised on her own. She fed us, she clothed us, she loved us, and she made sure we went to church and learned the most important lessons. All of us are good, respectful, Christian kids who have flaws but, thanks to my mama, are good people. My mama is now running for a statewide elected office because that's an important dream of hers and she inspires me to chase mine and always be the best person and the best Christian I can be.

~ My grandma has gone through so much throughout her life: being a child of divorce, her journey to the Lord, and a time in her life when she had nothing. But she never gave up, she persevered. Then she had a miscarriage and cancer, but she fought on! She raised 4 boys, raised em' right, and thanks to her courage and persistence, I'm here and I know that no matter what's thrown my way, I can push through it.