Chapter 15 information

Bologna, Knights, and Serfs


- One of the first European universities along with Italy, Paris, and France.

- Is the largest city, and also the capital of Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy.

- Seventh most populated city in Italy.

- University of Bologna, located in Bologna, was founded in 1088.

- Bologna was the first Italian city and it was also the 47th European city.


- Warriors in armor who fought on horsebacks.

- They wore coats of mail- armor made from medal links.

- They carried swords and shields.

- Knights would charge enemies, spearing them with their lances.

- From the A.D. 700s to the 1200s, armored knights on horseback were the most powerful soldiers in Europe.

- Given a title of knighthood by a monarch.


- They were peasants.

- Could not leave the manor or own property.

- The could not marry without the lord's approval.

- Lords had the right to try serfs in their own court.

- Serfs were not enslaved, however.

- Lords could not sell the serfs or take away the land given to serfs to support themselves.

- Lords had to protect the serfs, and had to provide them the safety they needed to grow crops.

- They worked long hours.

- It wasn't easy for them to gain freedom.

- They wore ragged, old clothing.