Everything You Don't Know About Me!

Amida Zafar

Date Of Birth

my name is Amida Hussinatu Zafar .I was born 12/12/1999 December.

Am 13 and 1/2 years old.

And I'm Indian /African.


my dad's name is Ahmed Zafar,my moms name is Sabbina Liegh.steps moms name is Roseline Zafar,my little brothers name is also Ahmed Mustapha Zafar,my big step brothers name is Amadu Sangari,and my sisters name is paushida Zafar. And that's my family.

Favorite Things


My Background.

My background is Indian/African and my dad is Indian/African and my real mom is Indian.my dads parent were also Indian African because his dad was Indian and his mom was African.This is how we teenagers dress in India.


I like to roller skate,skate bored,and ice skate