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Self-Paced Professional Development Course

What is Daily Fit Log?

DailyFitLog.com is a FREE, web-based K-12 Health and Physical Education platform that improves personal fitness and promotes lifetime health & wellness through the adoption of a physically active lifestyle.

Serving the needs of educators throughout the country, our program creates an engaging environment for students to track their health and physical activity. Using our educational technology, students will record physical activity, enter health data, track fitness testing scores, set goals, and create personal fitness plans, thus educating students on how to achieve and maintain a physically active lifestyle.

How can I use it to enhance & transform my classroom?

Daily Fit Log transforms physical education classrooms by providing a more personalized approach to fitness, focusing on individual progress toward goals and giving students ownership.

What are other educators saying about it?

Check out this terrific review from elementary PE teacher, Kevin Tiller.

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Self-Paced Training

Teacher Account, Fitness Testing Set-Up & Student Import

There are a couple of things that need to be done at the admin level.

Contact Rachel Porter about:

  • getting your teacher account set up with a username and password under your school building
  • getting fitness testing schedules set up
  • making sure your students have been imported into the system

Class Set Up

  • Login to your teacher account at dailyfitlog.com
  • Go to the CLASSES tab
  • You'll see any classes that already exist. If you need to edit anything about those classes, click the name and then EDIT to be able to change information.
  • To remove a class, check the box in front and then the "delete selected classes" button
  • To create a new class: enter a class name, type, period (if applicable) and decide if you want to allow students to add and remove themselves from the class. Click CREATE.
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Add Students To A Class

  • Login to your teacher account at dailyfitlog.com
  • Go to the CLASSES tab
  • Click on the sub tab "add students to a class"
  • Adjust search filters to narrow the list.
  • Check off student names
  • Select the class

Helpful tip... change the items per page to a higher number to avoid multiple pages!

Can't find a student? Send his/her name to Rachel!

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Entering Fitness Testing Data

The RP Fitness Testing Structure is set up with 20 events. Each event has the option to add the mile run, situps, and pushups - but you can leave these blank if the score is not being recorded at that time. For example, event 1 may include all three tests, but you might leave situps and pushups blank until event 4 or 5 when the quarter ends. These blanks will not affect student data for progress monitoring.

The videos below will help you understand how the Fitness Testing structure works and how to enter scores directly into the program or by uploading a spreadsheet. If you are choosing the spreadsheet upload option, you will need to upload it into Google Sheets to be able to open and edit it. You can then download as a .csv file to upload the data into Daily Fit Log. See Rachel if you need help with this process.

Student Logins

Provide students with the handout below, which will walk them through their first login. It is important that they follow these instructions carefully. It will have them create a new password and fill in profile information necessary to the use of the program. They may also choose to connect their school Google account for faster future logins.

Students Monitor Their Fitness Testing Progress

Students will be able to login to see their Fitness Testing progress. The handout below will be helpful to guide them in finding this information!

There's so much more!

Students can enter their health and activity data, set personal goals or a create a fitness plan. DFL has training built into each page of your teacher account. Just click links for more information or to see a video demonstration.
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There is a lot more than could be done with Daily Fit Log. See the additional resources below for ways to implement beyond Fitness Test tracking if you want to take next steps in the future. The implementation required for this badge and certificate is:

  • Class set-up
  • Students added to class
  • At least two fitness test scores have been entered
  • Students have completed their initial login and viewed their fitness test progress

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