BP Oil Spill

The oil spill that leaked 4.9 million barrels into the ocean

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Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon was the name of the oil rig that exploded and sunk into the Gulf Coast after an explosion on April 10, 2010, resulting in an oil spill that let oil gush into the waters for 87 days. It took several attempts to successfully seal and close off the pump, and the resulting destruction to the environment was catastrophic. People are still cleaning nearby marshlands and ecosystems that should not be abandoned or full of sick and dead creatures.

Facts About the Oil Spill

  1. This occurred in the Gulf of Mexico
  2. Eleven lives were lost during this tragic event
  3. A massive response team including skimmer ships, controlled fires, and floating booms rose up to remove or contain the oil in the region
  4. Floating booms are barriers put up to contain things in a particular region
  5. The definite cause of the explosion aboard Deepwater Horizon remains unknown, although several opinions and logical guesses have been made

How does this Affect Us?

This oil spill continues to affect us in that it destroyed many habitats and made living conditions for animals in the surrounding and nearby areas almost unihabitable. The fishing industry was undoubtedly affected, tourism suffered a large decrease in the area, and the environment was disgusting.

This led to a more cautious approach to oil drilling, and perhaps more regulations in the future.