My special "vacation"

* Ya'ara Ohana *

July 16th : Morning sunrise

How you all doing? I hope summer's going well…

Just yesterday me and my mom got here to Jerusalem (my favorite city in Israel!). It took us about an hour and a half to get here, but I'm telling you, it was all worth it. This morning, we left my grandparents' house at 06:30 a.m. At 07:00 o'clock we already find ourselves a sit in one of Mamila street's restaurants, that view's to the beautiful ancient city, along with the amazing sunrise. It was an unforgettable morning, and it reminded me that sometimes the small moments, with the right people, in the places you can proudly call 'home', are the most important memorable moments in life.

I hope you are having them too…

July 23nd : Just married!

Hi there! Me again..

It's been a week since the last time I've write about my days here in Jerusalem,

I guess time does flies when you're having fun...

Last night I got to spent my time in the romantic Jerusalem, and I must say that's a very beautiful side of the city! We went to the "umbrella's street", and walked down through it. It felt really special to walk under more than1,000 colorful umbrellas, in such a hot evening! We were walking and talking (with ice cream in our hands) when suddenly we heard strange voices ahead of us. We got closer to see what was going on, and then we saw more and more people crowding around a young man.

"May I have your attention pleas?" he said, "Just for few minutes".

He started telling about some girl he really loves, and how great she is. After that he called her to come, knelt down on his knees, and asked her :"my dear princess, marry me?". (I think I'll never forget that line.) Of course she said 'yes', and of course I cried a little (who wouldn't???), I got to admit.. I did not see that coming! A few players appeared and started playing love songs, and few of the man's friends flew many heart-shaped red balloons to the sky.

It was so happy to watch, everyone screamed 'mazal tov' and some of the people even hugged the sweet couple! (I don't want to imagine what would have happened if she says no..)

Who knew Jerusalem can be so romantic?

July 26th : The hotest day ever

Three days since my last time here. I can not believe time goes so fast! So until it'll be for us to leave Jerusalem and go back home, we still have time to go and visit few more places, like today. It was a very long and exhausting day, and yet, another great memory of the summer. We went to Mahane Yehuda Market, and since today was a very hot day, we took hats and a few bottles of water, to protect ourselves from the burning sun. the colors in the market were beautiful, and our mood was great! We could barely pass through the market, and you could easily feel all the people who walked there rub their shoulders with us, but the stalls and shops around us stole our attention much more. They sold fish and meat, cheese and candy, special fruits and vegetables, clothes and jewelries, and basically, anything that could have been sold ... I must admit that there were many different smells too, but I got used to it pretty fast. We met many funny people, and even got to eat (again ..) the market's great food.

What a lovely city! I'll miss you Jerusalem.

July 30th : Goodbye, my dear Jerusalem

So! The other day was my last day in Jerusalem, I was sad but I can't say I didn't miss home. Two days ago, I decided the last place I would like to be in is absolutely the zoo!

And so it was. Me and my mom, with my aunt and cousins did go to the Jerusalem zoo!

I was so afraid that my last day there, will be too hot for us to go to the zoo, but luckily – it wasn't! The weather was wonderful, and we were all ready to go.

We saw the monkeys, and the beers, and couldn't skip the beautiful flamingos. I must confess the reptile room kinda' made me nervous, but other than that, everything was great. After about 30 minutes we got on the zoo's train. It was much easier to see the animals from there. The lions were amazing, and the pandas were extremely cute!

I was thrilled like little girl. I guess deep inside I'm still one... the day started to end, and my last wish was to see the elephants! (I've always loved these creatures).

When we got to the elephants area, we saw a baby elephant with his mother. It was so amazing to see how such a big animal can look so warm and loving. (Got to look more than what you see, right?)

We drove back home, and I'd love to tell you the rest unless I slept all the way home…

It was a great "vacation", it made me feel at home, and yet miss home. Strange but true... Goodbye my dear Jerusalem.