Mistakes in Baking

Failure is the mother of success. Let's say "HELLO" to AUNT.

"Hello, AUNTIE~~"

The 7 Most Common Baking Mistakes are MOTHER's sisters (so they are the AUNTs of a successful baker... ). When I don't know how to bake the bread, they always help me to visit the Mother of Success. Her name is Mrs Failure.

  1. Not taking Ingredient Measurement Seriously

  2. Not Understanding Your Oven

  3. Under/Over Beating the batter

  4. Opening Oven Often During Baking

  5. Making Substitutions Without Understanding the Science

  6. Wrong Temperature of the Ingredients

  7. Using Inferior, Expired and/or Out of Season Ingredients

How can they help us?

Be careful. She is not MOTHER's friend because she always wants us to avoid mistakes.

Baking Bread - Some Common Mistakes

My story--"Thank you, Auntie Mistake."

Because of "Auntie Mistake", Alexander Fleming created Penicillin, and John Clifford Pemberton created Coca-Cola. Both of them changed the world. Now, I think I can also change the world of olive fougasse with the help of "Auntie Mistake".

In an exam, the chef asked us to make the olive fougasse bread, and I made at least three mistakes in the process of operation. The mistakes even appeared in every step.

Firstly, when scaling the olive, I put to much olive water in the bowl.

Secondly, I put the flour on the olives. It's forbidden. Flour should be put in the bottom. In addition, the olive water wet the flour. Luckily, it developed the flavor of the bread.

Thirdly, olives should be put in the mixer in the last minute before stopping mixing, but I didn't know it. I put them into the mixer together at beginning, which made the broken olives were totally combined with the flour.

As the result of the three mistakes, the bread is ugly and dark, but the flavor of olive is strong. The classmates who tasted my bread even thought it was the most delicious bread in the class. Chef also said my fougasse tastes really good. However she still give me the low mark because of the terrible color, the ugly sharp and the series of forbidden operation.