Newsletter Week 20!

Ms. Ward's First Grade

Thank you, thank you!!

First I want to thank each of you for the generous and thoughtful gift certificate to Steven's! I am so thankful for you and your children, and I cannot begin to express to you how much your gift means to me. I am the luckiest teacher at ISP!

Holiday Party = A HUGE Success!

Our holiday party/ gift exchange was a HUGE success thanks entirely to Mr. and Mrs. Geels for organizing and providing all the drinks and snacks, and Mrs. Mahoney for organizing the Secret Snowflake! I know that everyone is very busy, but the kids and I are very thankful for the time and effort put into such a wonderful activity.

I am also SO pleased and proud to announce that I have the most thoughtful, considerate class in the world!! I cannot get over their reactions to the gifts they received from each other. They were surprised and delighted to know that someone got them a gift, and they hugged each other in gratitude. It was fantastic.

Looking Ahead

Our spelling rule for the week we return is going to be long a spelled ai. For example, rain, mail, Spain. If you can help your child to find these in their reading, as well as build words at home using this pattern, it will help a lot with both reading and writing!

Homework for January 20-25 is:

Monday: Spelling Worksheet, Tens and Ones Riddles

Tuesday: Describe It!, Frames and Arrows Diagrams

Wednesday: Adjective Time

Thursday: Everyday Adjectives, Relation Symbols

Please continue to allow your child to read each night (even over break!!) either with books they pick out at home, or on RAZ kids! Also, as you set off on your family adventures, have your child write about what they see, do and learn! If you need help motivating them, let them know that Ms. Ward is really looking forward to reading their stories when we return to school! : )


In January, we will begin our Swimming Unit in PE. On PE Days (Tuesday, Thursday) please make sure that your child has:

1. Regular PE uniform(in case of inclement weather or closure of the pool)

2. Girls (full one piece swimsuit); Boys (swimming trunks/shorts); for both boys and girls optional a rash guard shirt - UV shirt

3. A swim cap (for boys and girls!) and goggles

4. A towel

5. A plastic bag to hold wet items following their swim

I have really enjoyed getting to know all of the kids this year, watching them grow and mature, and see how far they have come since August! I hope you all enjoy your Holiday Break, and we'll see everyone back, well rested and ready to learn on Monday, January 20th! Happiest of Holidays to each and every one!!


Ms. Ward : )