The Mechanical Digestion Theme Park

By: Evan Castro

Welcome to the Machanical Digestion Theme Park

Hello there are several resons why you should come to the machanical digestion theme park we have rides such as roller coasters and a huge wave pool if your not paying attion you will be on the botom of the pool and the water is just coming at you every wich way. Thereis also another reason why you should come to this theme park it is pet friendly there is a dog walk you just drop your little furry friends off and they will be in pet paridice they will get there bellys rubed and they will get a nice warm bath and to kcik it off the will get a big bone free of charge. When you come to this theme park you are treted like family there is a palce for everyone here and for you to do your own thing we even have are own clothing store.