I have lived a thousand years.

Growing up in the holocaust....

About the Author

Livia Bitton-Jackson, born Elli L. Friedmann, was thirteen when she, her mother, and her brother were taken to Auschwitz. Elli, was born on Februrary 28, 1931 in Somorja and also spent her childhood there, a small town in Hungary, at the foot of the Carpathian mountains and a kilometre away from the Danube river.


I did not know if I was proud to be Jew. I never thought about it. But I knew I was hurt and outraged at being made to wear a glaring mark, a thing intended to set me apart and humiliate me.

I Have Lived A Thousand Years: Growing Up In The Holocaust


I think this video fits perfectly with this flyer because it is exactly about the book I have lived a thousand years.


When Ellis dad had to leave, she did not get to say goodbye to him. When my grandfather passed away i did not get to say good bye to him. My connection is a little bit different then Ellis because maybe she would get to see her father again but my grandfather was dead so i wanst going to see him again. So i was as emotional as Elli was when her father left her.

Favorite Character

My favorite character was Elli. Elli was very encouraging because no matter what the situation was she always believe God was there to help. In the book when her mom was really sick she would not let her mom give up she made her keep going. Also, Ellis mother always ecouraged her to stay stong also. Elli and her mother we there for each other and always had faith in God that he would bring them trough the trial and trouble.