My Road Trip to the Texas Regions

By Akshita Vanapamala

The Gulf Coast Plains


I am in Houston and I'm seeing the Museum of Arts. It is the oldest art museum in Texas. In the museum I see more than 62, 000 works of art. More than 50,000 people benefit in the museum. Most of the art work lie in the drawings of Italian rennsiance, French impressionism, photography, American and European arts as well. My favorite art work is called Water Lilies from Claude Monet. In my opinion I think it is a very pretty painting that I have ever seen. I wish i could paint something like that, but I'm not much of an artist. For me, I think this museum shows that Houston has very great arts in my opinion.

Now, I am seeing the Houston Museum of Natural Science. There are many exhibits and attractions. My favorite exhibit would be the hall of Ancient Egypt. In there I liked seeing the temples and the mummies, they were great. There were other exhibits like the Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals, Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife, Earth Forum, and also welch Chemistry Hall. They all have amazing artifacts and information to learn about. I learned a lot of info going to the museum. This museum makes Houston more interesting to discover more about.

I'm visiting Lake Houston it is a reservoir (fake body of water) on the west of the San Jacinto River. It is filled with fishes and plants. The lake was man made and created in 1953. The lake has public fishing, meaning any person could fish. This lake is unique to Houston because it shows the way Houston looks like and the way it feels. Also it is unique because it shows what Houston really is famous for, which is fishing. This is my visit for Houston for the day, now its time for me to go to Galveston.


One of the most famous arts from Galveston which I'm visiting right now is the Galveston Symphony Orchestra. It shows musicians playing music, and dancers dancing to the music. I like it so much especially the ballet dancers dancing. The company of this place shows one full length ballet in the spring and in the fall. To be honest the tickets are expensive the price is $100 each student and $150 for adults. Galveston has really nice arts and this is one of them.

To be honest I wasn't actually expecting that there would be a place like this because I am in beautiful place called Galveston Island. It use to be a very populated city, immigrants use to come to Galveston island. Till the hurricane in 1900 it destroyed Galveston and killed about 6,000 people. And then that's how the Island was created it make's a wall of water around the whole island. I love the water around the island and also it is very different because there is an island in Texas.

A great historical site to visit would be the Lone Star Flight Museum. It is a small but really cool to look at. For a person who loves planes and history they might want to see the museum. Even though they are still recovering from the hurricane it was still the best Museum ever. Everyone's was friendly and the staff were really eager to answer any questions I had about the planes. In 1985 it was private place of historic flights from the past. In the museum there is a Texas Hall do Fame where shows pictures of people like, George W Bush, Alan Bean, and Lloyd Bent-son. Last year there was fatal accident while giving a tour in a flight, the flight crashed. The pilot and the 2 people from UK died. But, because of the accident it didn't stop me from loving the museum. Because the Lone Star Museum is a museum I will never for get.

Coming here I could feel the tropical weather coming at me and with a warm summer breeze. It felt so good, especially during the fall when it's barely crowded with people and the weather, that was cooled down.

North Central Plains


The weather here is very humid and cloudy. When you go outside, you start to sweat immediately. I want to name one the colleges I want to go to. It is called Baylor University. Baylor is a very good college, especially if you want to become a doctor, which I plan to become.

In Waco there is a festival that comes on June 19th, to celebrate the African American heritage. The Carnival features food, music, games and much much more. People dance, some go buy clothing in the carnival, and go on a couple of rides. For the food the people have a big feast and share with family and friends. Of course all religions and different cultural people are allowed to come and celebrate the African heritage in Waco.

I am standing outside to see the Washington Avenue Bridge. This bridge was built in 1902 and it still stands today with cars going through the bridge. This bridge is a perfect place to take a walk near the Brazos river with the nice wind coming right at you. It also has some great views to look at. My favorite view is looking at the river with the trees. It looks very pretty. It is even more perfect to go in the evening like I am doing right now. I will never forget this moment. Waco looks awesome with this bridge. Because you can see all the great views in Waco that look amazing.

I am dipping my feet in Lake Waco, which is on the western border. This lake has a dam which is on the Bosque River. The government created this because it would save million gallons of water for the people. This lake was man made, like most of the rivers and lakes in Texas. My favorite part is the dam, it looks really cool. Especially I like the city of Waco around the Brazos river and lake. It shows a wonderful view to look at. I want to come her again but right now I need to travel to my next city.

Waco, A Moment in Time - History of Lake Waco
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Juneteenth festival

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Washington Avenue Bridge


As I am I Gatesville the weather is feeling very hot and humid. When you take a little walk you instantly start to sweat.

I am in the Leon River Bridge, a bridge that actually has a lot of history. It was built in 1904, before it used to be a bridge called Old Georgetown Road. The bridge would cross the Leon River, but the bridge was destroyed from the two hurricanes in 1899 and 1900. Because of the accident the County Commissioner Court wanted a another bridge on the Leon River to be built. The bridge got finished in 1904. After in 1917 the bridge became part of the state-highway 7 and in the 1930's it was renamed as U.S. Highway 84. During 1994 it was restored and rededicated the historic landmark in Texas. I love the way the river look with the bridge on top of the river. Especially with the shadows of some the trees which would give a nice shade.

A great river to visit is going to be the Leon River which right now is where i am taking a little walk near the river right now. to be honest it's not much of a great view. For example i wouldn't want to dip my feet in the river nor swim in it because it is very dirty But it is still beautiful in a way when your on top of the bridge it looks cool. As I see the sky during sun set it is wonderful that's my favorite part of the Leon river is seeing the sky, now that has a great view. The river makes Gatesville look unique because it is different from other rivers. Different meaning in my opinion even though it is dirty and doesn't have a much of a view it still is wonderful to be in. I bet the Leon River would look wonderful in the fall.

I went to a festival at the first weekend of June. The festival is called Shivaree, the festivals is free and anyone can come. For example visitors and residents of Gatesville may come. It is designed for the people to walk down a lane into the past of the memories of yesterday. One of my favorite in the Shivaree festival is seeing the Idol Singing contest. It was fun to see the contestants sing songs. Not only that, there is also you can got to the eating contest. Any adults can come and try the contest and there is even an eating contest for children twelve and younger. There are also many more things to do in the Shivaree festivals. Be sure to go to Gatesville in June on the first weekend because then you could go to the the festival. I liked it a lot there was so much to do in the festival. I packed all my clothes and now I'm getting ready to go to the Great Plains Region.

The Great Plains


It's 10:00 A.M. and now i am visiting the Amarillo Museum of Art. I liked all the sculptures that students made. In the museum there are 3 floor levels. My favorite sculpture is in the NE section. Sadly, the sculpture doesn't have a name. As I walk around I see different homes In the museum it is very calm and peaceful. Its time to move on to the next destination which would be an historical place.

I am visiting the Don Harrington Discovery Center. There are many exhibits there to learn about. There is always new exhibits to visit in the museum. It is a very educational museum to learn about different facts. My favorite exhibit would be the Interactive Dino Exhibit. This Museum is very educational and i would gladly come here to learn more facts. I like this museum it makes Amarillo very factual.

When I walk into the Amarillo Botanical Garden. I know it is going to be my favorite place because I love flowers. It's really fascinating to see how the plants are growing in a hot and dry climate. It is a short garden but it its cool to see especially the smell of earthy plants and the good moisture of the air. As I'm walking through the garden it looks very challenging for Amarillo to grow plants. For me it is surprising to see how there is so much greenery in a dry western place in Texas.

I am having a great time in Amarillo. Except I'm not really enjoying the weather though. The hot and dry climate not the best weather but is better than having humid weather where you instantly sweat. Now I need to go to the bus and get to my next city.


Here in Lake view Texas I am visiting the Saint Roost Museum. There are seven exhibits in the museum. I have two favorite exhibits. My first favorite exhibit is the Quanah Parker trail. The trail shows how the Native Americans lived. In the trail it shows a big arrow stuck to the ground to represent the last chief named Quanah Parker. My second favorite is the Red River Wars. It shows artifacts of what the Native Americans used. It shows the history of how the Native Americans lived. A nice place to learn your history is by visiting this museum.

Next, I am seeing the the Lakeview Annual Festiaval of Free Flight. In this festival everybody gets their hand glider. Then they drive up to a hill and get their hand gliders an then glide in the air. I always wanted to see a real person hand slide before in person. Now this festival is giving me a chance to see people hand glide in person. In the festival half of the city comes just to hand glide. This shows culture because it is a festival that most of the people living in Lakeview celebrate. It is like a tradition in Lakeview, or like a get together in the city.

A natural site is the Cap-rock Canyon State Park. In the park, there are bike trails and walking trails. There are also buffaloes to see, in the park i am taking a hike and going horseback riding. I also am going to mountain bike to. The Cap-rock State Park has 13 trails. Each of them are about 10 miles long. I like the lakes in the park. It has the most amazing views. The lake is so beautiful and i really love the mountains in the background. especially in 8:00 during the morning when the sun is about to rise in the sky. I like this natural site it is awesome to see I should come and visit the park again sometime.

Especially during the fall Lakeview is great. The breeze coming right at you. It feels so sensational.

A video of the annual flight festival

Lakeview Umpteenth Annual Festival of Free Flight 2012

Mountains and Basins

El Paso

In El Paso my favorite and most famous cultural food is Mexican and Spanish. In El Paso the famous Mexican foods are enchiladas, tacos, pico de gallo, burritos, and empanadas. There is a different than the North Central Plains. For example, in El Paso it serves closely related to real Mexican food. As in Dallas, Coppell, Lewisville, etc. in those cities they serve Tex-Mex food. It is a tradition to have Mexican or Spanish food in El Paso. Some spices are mixed in and some chillies and all kinds of delicious ingredients in their food. These are some traditional foods in El Paso. Since El Paso is the border to Mexico it is very common to have Spanish and Mexican food.

I'm looking at the exhibits in the El Paso museum of history. The museum has great staff that are really nice. Its nice to see all the exhibits, and learn the history of El Paso. In the museum in my opinion I think there should be more exhibits. I think that because, people should learn more about El Paso. The museum is also free, I want to learn more about El Paso. These are some facts I learned. Thousands of years ago, the earliest known in the regions were maize farmers. When the Spanish came the Manso, Suma, and Jumano were very populated. The tribes mixed in the Mesizto culture and the immigrants from Mexico. These are some facts but now I need to go to natural site.

I am in the Chihuahuan Dessert, and I am burning to death. The dessert is the largest dessert in North America. There are many recreational opportunities in the desert. The landscape is (in my opinion) awesome. It starts from rivers, then to grasslands, then to desserts, and then to many mountains. In the dessert many hikers, runners, cyclists, and campers come. There are so many canyons and sheer cliffs among the dessert. Be sure to visit but by the way make sure the weather is okay because right now I can feel the sun right on me. Trust it isn't fun, when the weather is that horrible.


A natural site I am visiting right now is called Camp River view. In the place there is clear water to go boating or kayaking. I am going kayaking on the river. It was not easy, but i made through it though. The view is great especially by kayaking on the river. There are also many other activities you could do. There is hiking, there is also a tour of bats which I didn't go to because i have a fear of bats. I am going hiking and it is tiring. There is no wind all sadly. All there is, a burning hot sun coming right you. There is barely any shade at all either. It is making me mad but I made it, I am getting down and going to my next site.

Finally I have finished hiking. I am walking into the Marfa and Presidio county Museum. It shows the architecture and the way the Spanish lived in thousands of years ago. Also some artifacts that they used and also the clothes. My favorite is looking at the way the homes were because they look amazing. The homes are not bad as I thought they would be. I am imagining of how the Spanish lived. I imagine some fire to warm their selves at night. Also some hunted buffaloes, it just felt terrifying thinking about it and adventurous as well. I understand how the Spanish lived thousands of years ago. To be honest it would be nice to visit the Marfa and Presidio county Museum again.

It is night and here I go to the the light festival. It lasts for three days, and during those days at night everyone will come and gather around Marfa downtown. Many musical groups sing or play their instruments. In the festival a big parade comes and everybody sings and cheer with joy. My favorite part is seeing the parade. I didn't know Marfa's festivals could be this fun. High school bands come and play and you could bring pets for talent shows and I went on a horse. I liked the horse it was smooth when you touched it. I want to come to Marfa again espicially during the time of the light festival.
I had so much fun visiting all of the Texas regions. I remember going to Houston and Galveston in the Gulf Coastal Plains. Also going to Waco and Gatesville also Amarillo, Lakeview, El Paso, and Marfa. I want to go back to those cities again one year. Now i have finished my road trip to the Texas Regions.