Why did the cold war last so long?

BY: TJ Gardner

What is the cold war

The cold war was a political hostility between countries Characterized by threats, propaganda, and other measures just short of war.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was the leader of the first communist state. He was a factor in prolonging the war because he was fighting for communism and the U.S. was fighting against communism them working against each other stopped any progress from being made.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO had a role in extending the war because they would constantly go back and forth with the communist countries to the point where neither side would make significant progress.

Cuban Missile Crisis

This started in fear that cuba was going to launch missiles at the U.S. This prolonged the war because the Americans and the Cuban communist went back and forth trying to keep each other in check and to make neither side launch missiles. Which is counter-productive making the war last longer.

Iron Curtain

A Political, military, and ideological barrier. This made the war longer because It was used to seal off the soviet union so it would take a long to move in and try to get rid of communism. It not only block off the Soviet Union but also its dependent Eastern and central european allies.

Yalta Conference

This made the war longer because it was a group of several countries that tried to make the communist countries resign. The other countries constant back and forth caused the war effort tobe longer

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh played a role in extending the war because he was one of the main antagonist during the cold war on the communist side. Which caused other anti-communist leaders to step up and try to counter his actions.

General MacArthur

He made the war last longer by sending troops into Korea instead of pulling them out. This caused the war to last even longer because of the stand-off that was happening there

Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw pact as a military alliance of the communist nations. This also extended the war because the Warsaw pact was used to counter act NATO so once again two organization fighting for oppoistite things equals no progress