By: Amani


A turtle is a Reptile a turtles body is covered by a shell and the shell has the ribs and backbone connected to it, it can draw thier had legs and tail inside the shell they have a sharp edged beak for tearing food they are carnivores and herbivores thier shells can be hard and soft and thier shells are covered with scales.


Lizards have four legs they have claws toes have a long tail external ears two lungs herbivores and carnivores and moveable eyelids.


Snakes have no legs internal ears no eyelids carnivores and their jawbones can spread apart some have long teeth some have venom and they slither to move.

Alligators and Crocodiles

Alligators have a broad rounded snout, a few teeth are visible when their mouth is closed, and alligators don't usually attack humans.

Crocodiles have a pointed snout and most of their teeth are visible when their mouth is closed.