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NYUAD's 21-Day Wellness Challenge Weekly Update

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You did it...but it's not over yet!

Congratulations on completing the first ever 21-day Wellness Challenge at NYUAD! We hope that this challenge encouraged you to be more intentional about incorporating Wellness into your daily routine. For some, this may have meant thinking twice before you grabbed dessert, and instead opting for a healthier piece of fruit. For others, the challenge may have pushed you to try out a wellness session that was outside of your comfort zone, or tried a new class at the fitness center. And for some of you, it may have merely reminded you the importance of flossing!

However this Wellness Challenge may have impacted your life, we want to remind you that this is just the beginning! While the official challenge ends today, we urge you to continue on your own, personal journey towards a healthier, more balanced life. Utilize what you’ve learned about yourself over the past 21 days as a springboard to create long-lasting, positive changes in your life. Thank you for your participation!

Now, let’s hear from some students, staff, and faculty members about how this challenges influenced them:

  • "The challenge was a great excuse for me to persuade my friends to take the stairs or have a healthy meal together. I could say, let's hang out and be healthy."
    Sanyu Kisaka | Student

  • "We always concentrate on our physical health and diet. This challenge reminded us that wellness consists of many components other than eating well."
    Saru Gameel | Staff

  • “Participating in the 21-Day Challenge gave me the opportunity to reflect on my daily routine and make small changes that have improved my overall wellness. It was great to see students, staff, and faculty working towards a healthy common goal.”
    Meggan Houlihan| Faculty

  • "Before the challenge, I was already very physically active but this challenge has made me more focused on the broader aspects of wellness. There are certain things such as correcting posture and taking a short walk for every hour of study which I always knew are good for me, but didn't do as often as I should have. The challenge has given me the extra motivation and awareness for things like this, which I hope to continue into the future."
    William Young | Student

  • "The Wellness Challenge has made me stop each day - just to make the time to think about how I want my day to progress and to reflect on what I have rather than what I don't have. I've picked up a few useful exercises to use to make the most of my day and become a more rounded person."
    Jason Clynes | Staff

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