4th Grade Matter and Energy

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Properties of Mass and Volume

You will learn about matter and its properties. You will learn how to measure and classify matter. Matter has properties such as mass and weight, which you can measure. You will learn that matter can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas.

States of Matter Property

Matter can exist in three states—solid, liquid, and gas. Water is a liquid. Ice is water in its solid state. Water vapor is water in its gas state. Matter can change state. When water freezes, it changes from a liquid to a solid. When it melts, the solid changes back to a liquid. In this section you will learn about these changes and how they occur.

Property of Magnetism and Property of Floating and Sinking

In this section, you will learn about magnetism and magnets. You will learn how magnets attract or repel each other, and how magnetic materials attract iron and nickel. You will also learn how magnets are used to produce electricity.