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As for Mako, I found her strangely and fondly familiar, as Kikuchi plays her like one of those stereotypical Japanese anime characters – the shy, soft-spoken girl with a crush on the hero, and who turns out to have a ******* talent of her own.

It’s not always effective (she tends to get a little annoying at times), but when it’s time to put pedal to the metal, you can see real steel in her eyes (sorry, last pun, I promise).

But never mind all that.

Like I said, the movie’s weakest moments come when there is no action, but when it’s time for metal fists to meet scaly flesh, del Toro truly delivers massive, magnificent metal meets monster mayhem.

One thing that always bothered me about the Transformers movies (besides Michael Bay’s ham-fisted direction, of course) was that they never really managed to convey the massive scale of those hulking robots, plus, it just never felt right having puny humans taking out those massive Decepticons with nothing more than machine guns.

In Pacific Rim however, there is never a doubt about the scale of the kaiju and the Jaegers.

Heck, it’s got giant robots fighting monsters using ships as baseball bats and cargo containers as knuckle-dusters! By the way, for best results, watch it on IMAX. Nothing, I repeat, nothing beats watching giant robots fighting giant monsters on a gigantic IMAX screen.

It also helps that del Toro acknowledges that the sheer size of his Jaegers in his movie means they wouldn’t be as nimble as the robots in say, Real Steel.

Therefore, instead of trying to speed up the action, he slows it down accordingly, and focuses on conveying the power in his robots and monsters instead.

You can actually sense the power of each punch as it connects, and when a kaiju or Jaeger goes flying in the air, you can also feel the impact as it crashes down to Earth.

If you’ve always wanted to watch a proper Hollywood live-action movie with massive mechas battling huge monsters, then this is the movie for you.

Yes, it’s unabashedly loud, the plot is flimsy, the acting average, and it completely lacks subtlety.

But it’s got giant robots fighting giant monsters. What else do you really need?