Phoenix, Arizona Traveler's Guide

Mrs. Sullivan & Mr. Goguen

June 18, 2013

What a glorious day it will be in Phoenix, Arizona. It is expected to be a steamy 95º with 29% humidity. It will be mostly sunny with a few passing cumulous clouds in the sky. The wind is coming from the Northeast at about 5-10 mph. The barometric pressure is steady at 30.01". No precipitation is expected.

Suggestions for the day

If you are out and about today, be sure to apply a thick layer of sunscreen. With the bright sun, you will probably want to wear a hat and possibly sunglasses. Be sure to drink a lot of water or you might get dehydrated. It will not be a good day for flying a kite or sailing on a lake, as the wind is almost nonexistent.

Geographical Impact

Although Arizona is often considered to be one large desert, that isn't actually true. The state can be divided into three large land areas. The Colorado Plateau covers the northern part of the state and it's the place you'll most likely see precipitation. The Transition Zone is filled with mountains and valleys. These peaks create a rain shadow to the dry, southern Basin and Ridge Region.