Tech Tip Tuesday Edition 36

MSD 25 Instructional Technology 2022-2023

Screencastify New Free Version Launched October 3rd

Last spring, the Instructional Technology team made the decision to discontinue the paid version of Screencastify since there are many free screen capture and video tools available. Chromebooks come with a screen recorder and video tool built in. As mentioned in previous newsletters over the summer (see below), other free options available are Loom and Kami.

For those who prefer Screencastify, the new free version was launched yesterday. Here is what is included in Screencastify's new free version:

Starting on Monday, October 3, if you are a free user you’ll now be able to record videos up to 30 minutes long instead of our old 5 minute limit and you’ll notice some additional feature updates. You’ll be able to store up to 10 videos in your Screencastify library if you’re on our Screencastify Free plan.

Here is a breakdown of what is included in the Screencastify Free account:

  • 30 Minute Recording Limit
  • 30 Minute Video Export Limit
  • 10 Video Library Limit
  • Blocked mp4 and mp3 exports
  • Videos Exported to YouTube show a Screencastify branded Watermark
  • Limited viewer analytics
  • 1 Submit Video Assignment

Review Information on Screen Recorder/Video Recording Tools in our Past Summer Newsletter

Click on the image to the left to read our newsletter from this past summer that provides more information on Loom, Kami, and other screen recording/video recording tools.

Check Out What is New from Kami!

  • You can now easily open Google Docs, Sheets, and Sheets in Kami with one simple click.
  • The read aloud feature is now extended to text boxes and the Kami dictionary.
  • The Kami dashboard has also been upgraded.

Click on the image to the right to read more in the Kami September 2022 blog!

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