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Hemodialysis Treatment Procedure | Kidney Failure | Living with Kidney Disease

How does hemodialysis work?

Hemodialysis works by removing blood from your body, cleaning it through a machine called a dialyzer which acts as a artificial kidney. Once the toxins and fluids are removed your blood is then put back into your body. It also helps to control your blood pressure. This is needed because your kidneys do not do this for you anymore.
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You will have a fistula created, usually in the arm. This is how your dialysis is done. Your Doctor will create an opening in a blood vessel, kind of like a opening in your arm. The opening in the vessel is how your blood can be filtered using the artificial kidney.
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How long will it take?

You will need to go to the hospital closest to you three days a week for about 3-5 hours each day
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Foods you SHOULD eat

Foods you should NOT eat

Safety for Dialiysis

  • Wash your hands very often
  • Check your fistula site daily for a thrill, or vibrating sensation. If you do not feel the vibration notify your health care provider
  • Avoid compression of the site, avoid wearing tight clothing
  • Do not permit blood to be drawn, IV to be inserted, or Blood pressure to be taken in the arm where your fistula is located
  • Don't carry bags on that side
  • Avoid sleeping on the fistula area
  • Observe daily for redness, swelling, bleeding, drainage, heat, or pain. Report promptly to your health care provider.

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