Virtual Reality

1. What is virtual reality? What senses does virtual reality stimulate?

Virtual Reality can mean almost any experience that stimulates a person's senses by providing them an almost real experience. With the use of a head mounted displays the user can fool their vision and their hearing.


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2. What special equipment do you need for virtual reality? What do these pieces do?

For a basic VR all you need is a computer and a keyboard but if you want to go to the extreme you can try to get a VR monitor you can wear with its own gloves.


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3. Would video games be more exciting with VR? Why?

They add a immersive feeling to the player by surrounding the person with new sights to see.


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4. Describe some useful purposes for virtual reality besides gaming.

With certain training, doctors would be able to operate on their patients even if they are across the state.


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5. Describe some useful purposes for virtual reality for gaming.

With virtual reality players would be able submerge themselves in an augmented world where new and interesting games can take place.


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