Bishop Kelly Library Newsletter

April/May 2016

What's new in the Library?

Below you will find details about some of our new collections, a new suite of databases, and the newly redesigned database page. We are on Instagram, can charge student devices, and we have had 2 art shows. There is a lot going on!

Overdue Library Books

As the school year is rapidly approaching the end, please remember to return all library materials. All books are due by May 13.

Follow us on Instagram

If you want to know what is happening in the library start following us on Instagram. We will be posting news, events, new books, book reviews, and more. Find us at bklibrary and follow along.

Basque Collection

We have started a new special collection in the library. The Boise Basque Museum has donated a few duplicated titles from their collection, and we have added those that we already had to give us a good beginning of 39 books. We are excited to be able to offer students a look at the Basque culture.

Books in Spanish

We have 2 new collections of books in Spanish. In print we have a few novels in Spanish, as well as picture books for those just learning the language. We also have 17 eBooks. These can be read online or loaded onto a phone or tablet by scanning a QR code. Doing a search in the library catalog for 'Spanish eBook" will bring them up in the results list. The QR codes can also be found in the Library Class on Blackboard.

New on the Database Page

When accessing the library databases, you will notice new tabs at the top that arrange the various databases by subject and/or topic. This will make it easier to find all of the resources available when working on a specific subject.

FactCite Database Suite

We have added a new collection of 10 databases to our digital resource suite. From FactCite, students will find biographies, country information, science, US History, and a general reference collection. This collection is simple to navigate and read, making it perfect for those just learning to use a database as well as those seeking quality information. Try it the next time you need to know something.

World Almanac Online

The World Almanac Online has also been added to our suite of databases. When you need quick facts, graphs, statistics and more , this is the place to go. Use the same passwords as for the other Infobase databases.