Pro Frog Dissection

Team Leader Austin Mikeal

Why frog dissection is okay.

Frog dissection is okay because the most common frog used for frog dissection is an invasive species(bull frogs). They are so plentiful that they can be used for education and still have enough in the environment.

What people think about frog dissection

From our survey 86% thought that it was okay to dissect the frogs. With that only 10% of the students from the survey thought that it was okay to use frogs for cosmetic purposes. When we asked if people thought it was educational 90% of the people said that they thought it was okay to use frogs for educational purposes.



We found that when you use frogs for educational purposes it is okay to use frogs but when you use them just because you want to isn't okay.

Thank you for your time

This article was meant to inform and persuade the reader that it is okay to dissect frogs for educational reasons.