Shirley Jackson's Evil Project

By Daniel Banh

What Is Evil?

Evil is to ruin opportunities for others. It is to hurt other people and yourself just for the pleasure of it. Jackson's stories all represent evil in many aspects. In "What a Thought" Margaret's mind depicts ways to kill her own husband. In "The Possibility Of Evil", Miss Strangeworth causes chaos via sending letters anonymously to her town's people of ideas that could corrupt the towns people. In return, her flowers are destroyed. In "The Lottery" the villagers all believe that killing will bring good harvest and in turn make evil the families of the one being killed are to take part in this.

In this article, Gemma and Daniel Morgan had recently lost their twins Archie and Ayla. Instead of getting upset of this fact, the two made a fundraiser to supply cuddle cots to let parents spend time with their babies before death and a free memory box for the parents to remember their babies by.