My Dream Vacation At Myrtle, Beach

By:Trinity Grace Eten

What is my Dream Vacation?

My dream vacation would be a place that was sunny and warm through out the day. I t would be a place that would have many fun things to do, beaches, and awesome shopping malls. Most of all, my dream vacation would have hotels with balconies to where you could watch the sun come up and watch it set at the end of your bliss day.

why do I think it's a great place to be?

I think Myrtle Beach is a great vacation site to stay at because it has a beach and water parks to play and relax at. I has hotels with pools and hot tubs, it also has great activeities that all ages can partisipate in.

Myrtle beach Fun Facts!!!!!!

* The Wheel Of Fourtune hostess Vanna White was born in Myrtle Beach .

* Myrtle Beach is named after the sweet Myrtle tree which is native to the area.

*There are about 1500 restraunts in the Myrtle Beach area where I will be staying.

*The Carolina wren is South Carolina's State bird.

* Myrtle Beach,South Carolina has 650 acers of public parks including the beaches.

*In the summer the Myrtle beach population jumps from 30,000 to 350,000 just from people on vacation.

*The first inhabitants of Myrtle beach were the waccamaw native Americans.

* The are 120 Golf Courses in the city of Myrtle beach.

*The average water tempurture of Myrtle beach is 66 degrees Farhenhiet.

*The average day temputure is 64 degrees Farhenhiet.


It would take me 17 hrs and 25 minutes to get to my destination in a plane.

Myrtle beach is 1,157.1 miles away from where we are.

I would take my sister with me so that we could have some time relaxing;we would fly in a plane to get there because if we drove in a car it would cost a lot of gas and it will take longer. My sister and I would stay there for about one week so we would have time to see and visit many things.

Hotel information.......

The hotel we will be staying at is called the Sea Crest Ocean Front resort. For the total number of nights it would cost us $125 , the hotel even has nine swimming pools.The hotel would be right by the beach and I would have free food in the morning with the price of the hotel. It has a really nice bathroom, a kitchen with granite counter tops, and a TV. The hotel has two beds so that my sister and I can each have our own beds to sleep in.

What Do I need To pack??????

I would have to pack 6 normal t-shirts and 5 pairs of pants or shorts. I would also need to pack a very nice pair of clothing in case we go out to eat in a fancy place or go somewhere that does not require casual clothing. I would also need to pack two pairs of swim suits for the beach or the swimming pool. I would also need to pack my tooth brush, make up, because at that age I would be wearing makeup, my phone charger ,shoes, and lasts but not least some money or my wallet.


My plane ticket would cost $324 but, it would cost $648 for me and my sister. I would have $250 in spending money for me and my sister to but soviners. Our food would cost about $75 dollars in total for the whole week because our hotel has a kitchen and we can cook in the hotel. It would not cost a lot for gas because I would be in a walking distance but, I would rent a bike that me and my sister could ride around in. The bike rental for the whole week would cost $50.00 total. The hotel would be cheaper than the other hotels because we got a very good deal buying it early. The hotel per night would cost $125 but, $ 875 for the whole week. IN the total trip the cost would be $1,898 including all of our requirements to have a awesome vacation.

Plans To stay Occupied!!

For my Plans to stay occupied I will go zip-lining, go to a water park, go to a beach, and most of all go to the fairs they have. Zip-lining is go in the going to take place in the forest where I will be high above the ground with nothing but a rope to zip down, a harness, and other protective gear to keep me safe. The water park I will be going to is called'' Sea Crest Water Fun'' which is even in my hotel. The fairs that they host usually start around 6:00 pm, they host games and give out prizes that you can win. Some prizes are even gift cards with $200 dollars on them. The beaches on the other hand are right outside my hotel and come in the payment. These are all the things that will keep me occupied through out the whole week.

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