Volume 1: 20% Project

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Alexandra Oxendine

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Raymond Estes

Lead vocalist and guitarist of States Avenue. In addition to his band, Raymond also plays guitar and sings in his acoustic project, "LessThanThree."
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States Avenue

Picture from Battle of the Bands at Lincoln High School April 3rd, 2015
(From left to right)
Bryan Burk, Andre Schiavenato, Raymond Estes, Fill Griffith.
Raymond Estes, lead vocalist and guitarist, has been playing guitar for 5 years. Bryan Burk is the other guitarist, and he has been playing for 6 years. Fill Griffith, the bassist, has been playing the bass since the band began-- about 4 months. Andre Schiavenato has been playing the drums for about 10 years.
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Lesley Wooten

Lesley is a self-taught guitarist. She's been playing for about 5 years.
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Matthew Burhans

Matthew has been playing guitar for nearly 13 years. Last summer he attended two camps set up by the Grammy Foundation-- one in Nashville and one in Los Angeles. To get in, he had to submit video auditions, and he was selected for both. At the end of his time in LA, he got to preform in the El Rey theater. Some of the songs he played in can be found on SoundCloud. Also, Matthew was just accepted to attend both this summer, so new music will be posted in a few months!

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Check out Raymond Estes on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/lessthanthree-5

Listen to Matthew Burhans on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/grammy-foundation/sets/grammy-camp-nashville-2014 -- On this playlist, he plays guitar in the songs "Hooked," "Lights," and "Out of Town."
or at https://soundcloud.com/grammy-foundation/sets/grammy-camp-la-2014 -- On this playlist, he plays bass in the songs "11:11," "Inside Out," and "Skydiver."