A New Book by Roy Dimond

Is humanity driven by hope or fear?

When you burn a bridge behind...

Global climate change has the same ramifications.

A new Pope, a new US President, and the end of the World

The Rubicon Effect takes the reader on a wild ride into backroom meetings, Papal enclaves, and safe houses where top secret political strategy sessions take place. Everyone is trying to answer the question of how do we save the

world, and change it for the better.

Note from the Author:

I was not always a writer. For most of my adult life I was a Youth Worker meaning that I worked with families that were struggling, or children who were having a hard time. It was a profession that was both rewarding and heartbreaking. In the thirty years that I was a Youth Worker, I learned two things that led me on a journey halfway around the world and back. When I returned I began writing."

Roy Dimond lives with his wife in Garden Bay, a small fishing village in British Columbia, Canada. When not traveling, Roy can be found in his home overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, writing his next novel-Saving our Pennys

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Roy Dimond - The Rubicon Effect

The Rubicon Effect - by Roy Dimond

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