Instagram Filters Save Marriages

When feelings fade, put on a filter and renew the love!

By: Tate Martin

In modern day America, the marriage success rate has gone up 20% thanks to Instagram filters. Not only does it help maintain love, but it is great for starting new relationships. When speaking with Dr. Wayne Carter, head pseudoscience professor at John Hopkins University, he claims that because of filters, men are more likely to start relationships online. What better way to start a relationship than behind a screen, you ask? To start a relationship behind a screen with filters on it! When already in a relationship, what better way to refresh the love by putting a new filter on to switch things up. Men everywhere are praising these filters for added something new to their love life. When asked, Kristaps Porzingus claimed "just when I thought I needed a divorce, she slapped on a filter and it was a whole new love". Men everywhere seem to be forgetting about their ugly wives thanks to the addition of filters.

"It saved my marriage"

"Without filters, I would be still be single."

"Because of these filters, I don't have to feel so ugly anymore."

According to men and woman all across America, instagram filters are the best thing since sliced bread. Because of this invention, everybody can feel as beautiful as they want. It is not just the help recieved to the photos, but it is the help recieved to marriages. Without these filters, the marriage rate would not be as high as it is, and people would not be falling in love.