Adventure time

The adventure of Sophie on the trans-Siberian Railroad

Year 5912

Dear journal I just arrived on the train and I'm going to Siberia and I am from scandinavia. I'm Staying for 4 days and I hope that I have the experience that people say that they said they had.

Day 1

Dear journal,

I just got on the train, I'm at least 1000 miles away from home. The ride so far is smooth and peaceful. Oh and I'm traveling with a great tour gide that actually knows alot about the route and Siberia!

Day 2

I arrived at Yekaterinburg in the middle of the day.

Day 3

Dear journal,

I'm so home sick and I don't want to be on this train any more! I'm just glad that I'm in Omsk and thy night it was freezing and I didn't have enough blankets or closet he's to keep me warm so I almost froze to death,if it wasn't for my room service that was bringing me my dinner I would have died. That morning when the train stopped at a little village my tour guide and I went out to get me some more clothes.

Day 4

Dear journal,

It took us two days to get to Novosibirsk. Once we got there we had to stay there for three days because of the blizzard and we had to wait till the ice melted on the tracks. So that was a major setback in my plans

Day 5

Dear journal,

I'm going to have to stay longer than I had planned which was four days but if I just stayed for four days I wouldn't get to see all the magnificent land forms and animals.

Day 7

Dear journal

I have reach my final destination,Irkutsk, the picture on your right is Lake Baikal.

Details of people,animals, and landforms

Day 6

Dear journal,

I was so suppressed on how many exotic animals that lived in Siberia. Now I'm at home see you later.