Changing Careers

Mechanical Engineer to Robotic engineer

Mechanical Engineer to Robotic Engineer

In this infographic I will show you ways in which you can switch from being a mechanical engineer to a robotic engineer. I will also show the best tips for doing that like considering your dislikes or your likes for the career you are in. Also like see if you have the right education for the career you want to go into. There are many more tips like that in this info graph.

Considering a Change: Exploring Your Options

1. Consider how you like or dislike the career you are in now- Compile a list of you likes and dislikes of a job like if you are a mechanical engineer you like how you are hands on but you dislike the group interaction and many more.

2. Look at an new career option for you- If you don't like being a mechanical engineer then look up something in the field you want say it is engineering but you don't want to be close with people then you might find robotic engineering.

Developing a Plan: Mapping Your Moves

1. Networking- Searching for job leads with people you know that may be in that job that you want like a robotic engineer.

2. See if any of your skills can be used for what you want to change to- Like if you are a mechanical engineer and transfer to robotic you can transfer your skill to weld and develop plans for what you are going to do can be transferred.

3. See if you have the right training- See if the training for a career in mechanical engineering is not what you need in robotic then you have to plan to take the classes to get the education requirements for robotic engineering.

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Making the Change: No Burning Bridges

1. Gain some experience in the career- Like if you are going from mechanical engineering to robotic you may want to gain some info on the career by taking a class or on the job training.

2. Having a teacher- Have like a mentor to help you out and teach you the ropes of the career you want to go into like for robotic engineer you may want to get a mentor to show you how to be a robotic engineer.

3. Apply for the job- You should then apply for the job you want to start you on your new path way. To start what you want to do the most important thing to do is to apply for the job.

Beginning the New Journey: Showcasing Your Experiences

1. Getting a interview- First thing you need to do to begin your new career is to show up at the interview ready and prepared for the interview and dress for the job you are applying for and be respectful.

2. Starting the job- To begin your new career path way you need to start the job like if you are just starting your new career in robotic engineering you want to begin it by starting the job.

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