Mrs. Terry's Classroom News

Mother's Day Tea

Due to popular demand the Mother's Day Tea has been moved to this Friday at 8:30 am. There will be donuts and tea served and we hope you can stop by before work to honor the mother in your child's life.

CTP Testing

This week our class began the CTP tests. Today was reading, Wednesday is grammar, and Thursday morning is math. Please remember to send two snacks in each day and to help your child get plenty of rest.

Missing Homework?

Don't worry if you're missing your homework, there isn't any! Because of the tests, this week's homework is to play outside, play a board game, and read a fun book.
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Class Farms are Growing

Last week your farmers finished constructing and paying for their farm buildings and farm land. To do this students had to make arrays out of land squares that followed land use codes. They then had to pay for each land square used, at $10 per square. This was a tricky concept because students had to count by 10's to find the land square total and then transfer that amount to money. They also had to combine $5, $10, and $1 to total the amount of money needed to buy the buildings.

This week students will become goat and sharp experts! They will learn about each of these animals, write a mini book and poem, then they will buy the land squares and animals to put on the farm. Students will need to work out the best layout for their animals to conserve money and still buy the animals they want.

Lastly, students will begin mapping their 3D farm using a coordinate grid map.