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Physical Features

  • No rivers

  • The world’s 3rd longest barrier reef

  • 5% of the world’s coral life can be found in the Bahamas

  • Clearest waters in the world with 200 ft of clear water

  • 109 species of birds breed in the waters of Bahamas

  • 120 plant species that are only found in the Bahamas

  • Many whales and dolphins are found there

  • Bird watching areas all over

How did the Bahamas gain independence?

Christopher Columbus- the famous Italian explorer, sailed the seas and the date was October 12, 1492. The Spaniards named the islands shallow seas or Bajar Mar. Christopher who was in search of gold, treasure, and spices, had failed. There were these people named Arawaks, didn't have very good modern ideas- but came up with the word "barbecue". Historians say that they arrived in the Bahamas in 500 AD settling from Hispaniola and Cuba. Bahamas would underpass the rule of Spain during the next few centuries and lay under the law of England. The Eleutheran adventurers founded the first permanent European settlement in the Bahamas and gave Eleuthera its name. Settlers that were similar formed governments in the Bahamas until the islands became a British Crown Colony in 1717. The town that used to be called Charles town, was rebuilt and renamed Nassau. In 1718, King George I, a former pirate named Captain Woodes Rogers, as the first royal governor of the Bahamas. During the American Revolutionary War, Nassau capitulated to the Spaniards for the last time in 1783. The Bahamas was restored to Great Britain by treaty. Following the American Revolution, thousands of British loyalists emigrated to the Bahamas, many people brought back slaves with them.

How do these features affect the people of the country?

  • They could use some of that clear water and use it for their country. (Dishes, bathing, drinking, and many others.)

  • Swim in the Bahamas, swim with the dolphins.

  • A lot of tourists could come since it is a very pretty and relaxing place

Problems that Bahamas currently faces

Tourism Attraction-

  • Coral reef decay
  • Waste disposal
  • Water pollution

Land Clearing-

Land clearing threatens the habitats of the nation's wild

Major Products

  • Citrus

  • Poultry

  • vegetables

  • spiral-welded steel pipe




Oil Bunkering

Maritime Industries






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How are the bahamas ruled?

Head of government- Prime Minister: Perry Christie

Head of state- Queen Elizabeth II, represented by Governor-General: Dame Marguerite Pindling