Sit Ins

By: Jaclyn, Ryan, Cole, and Jett

What Is A Sit In?

A sit in is where a group of African Americans decide to sit in a cafe or restaurant only for white people. The white people hate this. The white people lead to violent ways to try and get the African Americans to leave but usually they stay.

Important People In Sit Ins And What They Do In This Event

Four African American college students and the waiter who refused to serve them. The African Americans will sit quietly at a table and wait to be served by the waiter. Often the participants would be threatened by white customers in the restaurant. The African Americans will get pelted with food and ketchup. Often the African Americans would be physically attacked and if that would happen they would curl up into a ball on the floor for a punishment.

What Led To This Event Occurring?

African Americans were upset for being segregated. African Americans wanted to make a change on how they were treated but in a non-violence way.

How Was Your Event Inspired By Other Events, Groups, Or Individuals?

Sit ins were inspired by SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee), CORE (Congress On Racial Equality) led by James Farmer, and last but not least Martin Luther King Jr.

When Did Sit Ins Begin And How Long Did They Last?

Sit ins started February 1st, 1960. Sit ins lasted through out that whole year.

Where Did Sit Ins Happen?

The first sit in happened was at a whites only counter in Greensboro, North Carolina. When sit ins became more popular African Americans started doing them at diners, swimming pools, and churches.

How Did This Event Change Lifestyle For African Americans?

Southern restaurants started to stop their policies of segregation against blacks.

Were Other Minority Groups Segregated At Restaurant?

Other minority groups were a little bit segregated at restaraunts but not as much as African Americans were.
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Why Did This Event Take Place? Was It A Reaction To Something Specific?

African Americans were looking for racial equality within the southern states of America by sitting in white only lunch counters.

How Did People React To Your Event?

While the cicil rights movement had gained strong momentum, it had its good and bad sides. When whites would walk inside, they would see the demonstraters and physically abuse them, throw ketchup, and throw food.

How Did This Event Contribute To The Civil Rights Movement As A Whole?

Sit ins helped remove segregation as a whole and many restaurants through out the South began to abandon their policies of segregation.

How Did This Event Change Life For White People?

As segregation began to decrease, whites began to ignore it, and accept blacks into their rights that they have and deserve.

Result Of Sit Ins

Sit ins were introduced to calm and peaceful fight for African Americans rights for eating inside of white only restaurants. A immediate result of there peacefully asking for coffee and waiting until they were served as threats, violence, and refusal of serving the blacks food coming from the waiters and other white customers. Many who participated in sit ins were sent to jail, but many restaurants put down their whit only laws. Another result of sit ins was the meetings of two black equality groups know as SNCC and CORE. These groups discussed new ways to stand up for there right's using peaceful ways.