Spanish Armada July-September 1588

By Abraham Cardenas & Brendan Anicker

Battlefield Britain | Part 4 | Spanish Armada | 1588AD

Root Cause

Queen Elizabeth and her involvement in the Spanish Netherlands Revolt and her priveerting in the Atlantic and Pacific. Protestant State of England\ Anglo-Spanish War

Key Figures

King Philip II of Spain & Queen Elizabeth I of England

Portugal & Castile: Supplied Spain with 22 Galleon's (ships)

The Outcome

The outcome of the Spanish Armada was was a big blow to the Spanish. The initial invasion it self did not happen according to plan and due to lack of planning. Much devastation occurred after the battles happened, off the Irish coastline.

During the treaty of 1604, the terms of the treaty were

-Spain renounces intentions to restore Catholicism in England

-End of English Wartime to Spanish Trans-Atlantic shipping and colonial expansion

-English Channel opened to Spanish Shipping

-End of English intervention in the dutch revolt, England withdraws military and financial support to the Dutch rebels


The Spanish was the Spanish invasion of the English Protestant country.King Philip II of Spain wanted to restore Roman Catholicism in England and to overthrow Queen Elizabeth ! from the ongoing Anglo-Spanish war. The 21st of July 1588 the Spanish Armada set sail sail from the coast of Lisbon, Portugal, to England with 151 Ships, 8,00 sailors, 30,00 Soldiers and 30,00 more troops ready in Spanish Netherlands in total of 55,00 troops. After many battles and skirmishes, the Spanish fleet set sail from southern England to Scotland and Ireland (were many ships wrecked) and back to Spain in utter embarrassment of defeat.


The main significance of the Spanish Armada wast to restore Catholicism in England which failed but also kept England as a protestant country, which led to pilgrims, which led to America, All thanks to the Spanish Failure.