Abilarsh's Computer Services

Open weekends from 4-8pm

Why we are better

Abilarsh's Computer Services offers diagnostics, software installations and hardware installations for your computer. Our services offer the same quality of service as our competitors but at much more affordable prices. Our prices are about half of what our competitor's prices are.


Abilarsh has offered services for computers for the past two years. He has a vast amount of knowledge on installing hardware and software on a number of computers. He also has been helping other people improve their skills in computers.

Services Offered


We offer a free diagnostics service. This diagnostic will find any hardware or software issues on your computer. We offer a free quote for the services needed to fix your machine.

Hardware Installations

We offer installations for many components in your computer. We can upgrade the RAM, hard drive, and wireless card in a laptop computer. We can also upgrade your RAM, hard drive, graphics card, power supply, and motherboard in a desktop computer.

Software Installations

We offer installations for any Windows program. We will install the program on your computer. We will also activate and test the program to see if it will work on you computer. We also offer installations for operating systems. We will activate and set up your operating system.