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November 18, 2016


Here is your bi-weekly Falcon Report. We hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to check out our website and Facebook page. We like to keep them as up-to-date as possible with information that you'll be interested in. We hope that you'll enjoy keeping up with our school's happenings as the year goes along.

From the District Administrator's Office

As we approach our Thanksgiving/deer hunting break I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a joyous Thanksgiving. Even though we need to look sometimes, we all have things to be thankful for. Please take some time to reflect and give thanks.

For those heading to the woods I hope you have a safe and successful hunt. For some, many long-standing traditions will be rekindled. For others, the excitement and thrill will be very high. Good luck to everyone and we look forward to everyone returning to school on Monday, November 29th!

-- Mr. Hanson

From the Elementary Principal's Office

For the family reading night on November 14th, our 5th grade teachers planned for the students to wear hunting clothes and write about what they are thankful for. The three responses that I saw the most were family, friends, and food. This shows me that the values of our students and families here at Flambeau are in the right place. Enjoy the Thanksgiving break and be safe if you are in the woods hunting or traveling to share a meal with family or friends.

-- Mr. Ross

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From the Middle/High School Principal's Office

Last Friday’s Veteran’s Day program was a huge success! It was great to see our gym full with visitors to honor our local Veterans and was personally heart-warming to receive an outpouring of appreciation for the program, lunch and pies. Great job Flambeau and thank you Veterans!

Whether you will be spending next week preparing for your Thanksgiving feast, hunting for that 30-point buck, shopping ’til you drop, or simply relaxing with family and friends, please enjoy yourselves and be safe!

-- Mrs. Schley

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From the Athletic Director's Office

This time of year is all about giving thanks and we certainly have a lot to be thankful for. We have amazing kids in our school, great staff, and a wonderful community that we live in. I'm very proud of where we come from and I think that is a lot to be thankful for. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy time with your family.

Since our other "holiday" coming up is hunting season, I wish you the best of luck and utmost safety in the woods this upcoming week. I hope all of you hunters get a chance at that "thirty pointer". Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!

-- Mr. Alberson

Kitchen Update

Here is a healthier green bean casserole recipe to use without the canned soup so there is less fat and sodium. I also found a link within the same website for healthier Thanksgiving recipes. It never hurts to change up a recipe a little during this time of overindulgence to keep some of that fat and caloric intake down. I noticed that there is even a section that is healthier on the budget!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day with plenty great food and family!

Please remember that you can apply for free or reduced lunch at any time during the school year. So if there is a change in your income you can re-apply. However, you do not have to re-apply if your wages/income increases.

-- Carrie Anderson


If you haven't already seen it, check out the Mannequin Challenge our entire Middle School did over lunchtime this week. Mannequin Challenges are quickly becoming a very popular social media trend. It is truly amazing to see all of our middle schoolers hold their "mannequin position" for so long! Check it out!

Choir Sponsorships Available!

The Choir Department is collecting sponsorships for their annual fundraiser. Individuals and organizations that donate to the fund are instrumental in our ability to afford costuming, entry fees, and more. Donors will be featured in the performance playbills, and a limited number of spots are available on this year's event poster. If you are interested in pledging your support to our Flambeau Choir Department, please contact Mrs. Leonhard. Thank you for your support!

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