ELEOT Obervations

Looking At Student Centered Instruction

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What do the learning environments look like in the classroom?

Sometimes understanding the big picture involves looking beyond the obvious. Sometimes getting to the root of strengths and weaknesses in the classroom requires asking strategic, in-depth questions and hearing honest answers. Are students immersed in positive learning experiences? Are they connecting content to real-life situations? How do they react to classroom rules and expectations? Are they willing to take risks with learning?

eleot is learner-centric observation tool that measures and quantifies active student engagement by taking a look at classroom expectations, feedback and learning support.

The eleot focuses on seven key learning environments that promote effective learning and student success:

  • equitable learning
  • high expectations
  • supportive learning
  • active learning
  • progress monitoring and feedback
  • well-managed learning
  • digital learning
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Equitable Learning

High Expectations Environment

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Miss Bowles Pre-AP class essay prompt. They discussed the prompt at the beginning of the unit. This will be their final assessment.

Classwork is rigorous and requires higher order thinking (applying, evaluating, and synthesizing).

Students understands expectations and strives to meet those expectations.

Supportive Learning Environment

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Miss Garrison's Math Class

Students have positive attitudes about learning and is provided support and assistance when they need help.

Active Learning Environment

The Mystery At RHS

Mrs. Perez's Anatomy Class

Students are engaged and are actively learning in anatomy class. A real-life scavenger hunt was created and the students used knowledge and evidence to determine if the skeleton was male or female. Technology was also incorporated after the completion of the lesson.

Progress Monitoring and Feedback Environment

Well-Managed Learning Environment

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Mrs. Roberts 6th Grade Science Class

Students follow classroom rules and procedures, transition smoothly to activities, and collaborates with others during student centered activities.

Digital Learning Environment

What about your classroom?

If you would like additional support or have questions please contact, Mallory Kincaid, Mallory.kincaid@rcs.k12.al.us.
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