By Walter Dean Myers

How much pressure do you think it would take until you cracked?


"Sometimes I set stuff up in my mind like it's going to be true, even though in my heart I know it's no true. It's when I want something so bad it gets real to me before it even happens." (Myers 9).

"Enduring truths, winningly presented." -Publishers Weekly

Greg "Slam" Harris has always been able to control things on the basketball court. But when his grades start to fall and his grandmothers health deteriorating he's feeling more out of touch than ever. With his struggle to admit he needs help, his family, friends, and teachers, trying to reach his dreams seem closer to reality that ever.

Realistic Aspects

The stress of high school can affect everyone. Especially student athletes. By reading this book, you can see that no matter the situation if you work hard enough you can overcome all the obstacle
All athletes that are serious about sports have read Slam! and agree that it is very probable situation. If you only care about sports an do not devote any time to your school work then you will not have the opportunity to play sports. For an athlete who truly cares, not being able to play is torture.

Walter Dean Myers

Slam is one of many award winning books written by Walter Dean Myers such as: Darius & Twig, All the Right Stuff, Kick, Lockdown just to name a few