The Roman Tribune

Antony Speaks the Truth

Turning the Tides

Brutus begins his speech by convincing the people why his plot against ceased was forthe benefit of Rome. The crowd marveled at Brutus' so called bravery and loyalty to Rome. After Brutus' successful speech, he allowed Antony to give a speech. Antony ever so cleverly began to expose Brutus' flaws in his 'logic'. Brutus said he killed Caesar because Caesar was ambitions, and that the people would end up slaves to Caesar if he ruled. Antony quickly points out that Brutus lacks proof. Antony turns the crowd to his favor by using emotionally driven points. Antony even mentions Caesars will, and how the people would receive his wealth.

The People's Rage

The crowd grew angry, and the anger could be felt radiating from the crowd. The crowd, so angry in fact, drove Brutus and his accomplices out of the city. The people even burnt their houses to ashes. Brutus eventually had to go to war, but lost in the end. Even with Caesar dead, he won over Rome.