Crazy Texas Weather

The Colony Times

Weird Weather By: Raymond Chun

From Dec 6 to now, The Colony's weather has been going boink. We have been having ice on our streets causing many families to be trapped at there homes. Driving conditions have been declared dangerous. On Dec 10 the ice had finally melted and conditions have returned to normal. Hopefully when we have this situation it would be snow instead of ice, but as unpredictable can Texas be, we'll just have to wait.

Early Release for Lakeview Middle School

Friday, Dec. 20th, 1pm

4300 Keys Drive

The Colony, TX

LISD will be releasing students for Christmas Break.

Events for December

Christmas Break starts at December 20.


Christmas Eve. December 24


Christmas. December 25


My Views on North Korean threats By: Jeon Hyun Woo (aka. Raymond Chun)

North Korea has threatened the USA with nuclear bombs. My opinion? As a Korean myself, I feel seriously angered when we've had so much peace talks with both countries. It wonders me how they have the confidence to talk about something they probably don't even have. I mean, do they even have money for the nukes?

The Mark Of Athena Review By: Raymond Chun

We come yet with a sequel to The Son Of Neptune. Basically the Greeks have arrived at New Rome. This is a bad mistake. The Romans think its an attack so they prepare to invade Camp Half Blood. Annabeth, one of the Greeks has to find the Athena Parthenos to stop the two from fighting each other. This book still has its silly comedy, but also has a more serious side to it. It was okay, but the book was well detailed and well planned. If i'd recommend it, i'd give it a 7.5/10.