Week 2 - Covering the Basics

Coordinator Guidance

This week will focus on identifying and understanding Ashford's support services. It is inevitable that college students will get stuck, have confusion and need clarification on a variety of issues to keep moving forward. Knowing who to contact and the best way to communicate is important to reduce the stress that comes when we feel stuck. Some mentee's may have a good idea of who does what at Ashford, but many will be confused on roles and responsibilities. Connect with your mentee and help them create the quick reference sheet and show them around the portal which has almost everything they need!

Action Items for Week 2

  • Mentor will help Mentee create “Ashford University Call Sheet” this document should include their recommended list of websites to Ashford resources, login credentials, and key contact information for helpful Ashford offices. Mentor will share their most common contact points they use when working with University administration.

  • Mentor will introduce and walk through the Ashford Writing Center and Library with Mentee, including live chat features and phone contact information.

  • Mentor will create awareness of key departments and resources, which are essential to new student success.

    • Student Advising
    • Financial Services
    • Access and Wellness
    • Career Services
    • Student Development and Engagement (CHAMPS)